‘Superman’ Henry Cavill Reveals His Secret to Getting Bigger Arms

This “super” simple trick is guaranteed to get you more jacked.


Love or hate Henry Cavill‘s Superman movies, you have to agree: the guy looks the part. Key to that look was getting yoked as hell, and Cavill clearly took this seriously and knew how to do it.

With the Instagram post above, Cavill recently dispensed some excellent common sense wisdom about muscle growth—specifically in the arms—that might run counter to what your most meat-headed friends think.

“Having a little flashback to my days in Budapest on The Witcher,” Cavill wrote in his caption, “and found this photo. I like it because it shows that it doesn’t take huge weights everyday to achieve results.”

Right there he’s speaking a basic truth proven over and over again, especially regarding “helper” muscles like the biceps: building muscle (achieving hypertrophy) is more about high reps and lower weights.

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“I was doing everything I could in a busy busy schedule to try and get something in, whenever I could,” Cavill continued, “During this period I learned that it’s not the weight that matters, it’s the workout.”

“So if you’re shy about going to the gym because there is always someone next to you using mahoosive weights,” Cavill concluded, “don’t be. You do your weights, just make every workout count. You might end up looking better than the fella or lady next to you that’s using those heavy weights.”

Much of the coverage of actors achieving amazing gains when bulking for action-heavy roles focuses on how they shred, rip, and generally live every day near death till the shoot is done. 

And as the second video from 2013 showing Cavill’s Man of Steel routine demonstrates, he definitely goes hard. But it’s good to see an actor who is probably acutely aware that most people aren’t hacking away at the gym for 6 hours daily as part of their job speak some real common sense about building muscle. 


Now if he’d only give tutorials on that badass arm-reloading move he pulled in the epic bathroom fight in Mission Impossible: Fallout. That’s the important stuff, right there.