The Best NFL Combine Prop Bets From MaximBet

NFL rookies are showcasing their pre-draft drills and skills–check out the best combine prop bets from MaximBet.

Future Tampa Bay Buccaneer and Super Bowl LV champ Antoine Winfield Jr. sprints in 2020 NFL Combine
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Of all the weirdities of the NFL, the combine has to be the strangest. College football players have put up game film all last year, showing what they can do against actual competition in live game action. And scouts will toss all that out the window just to watch them run a 40-yard dash in the their underwear before tape-measuring their hand. 

Just two years ago Joe Burrow was informed that he had a real issue with the size of said hands, told by men who had likely never played a down of the professional game that he would struggle to hold onto the ball in the NFL. 

Burrow joked that he should just go ahead and retire after the bad news

He was taken No. 1 overall in the ensuing draft and last month had his team in the Super Bowl. 

Former professional major league pitcher Kenny Powers once said, “I play real sports. I’m not trying to be the best at exercising.” But that’s what the combine measures. Which player, in spite of every single performance they’ve put forth upon the real football field, is the best at exercising. 

You can see why more and more teams like the Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams don’t take it particularly seriously.

But we can, you and I. Not because we’re invested in any of the outcomes emotionally, but we can be invested financially thanks to the oddsmakers at MaximBet. Yes, if people are competing at it, even if it’s glorified jumping jacks, we’re going to monetize it. 

2022 NFL Combine Prop Bets from MaximBet:

Will there be a fastest 40 time ever recorded? Over 4.22 seconds (-1000), Under 4.22 seconds (+500).

Wide receiver John Ross set the record in the 40-yard dash in 2017 with the aforementioned 4.22 mark and it got him taken in the first round of the following draft. The same draft in which Cooper Kupp, Super Bowl Champion and NFL Triple Crown Winner, ran a 4.62 and was taken in the third round. 

Ross spent last year with the Giants and caught 11 whole passes. Next year he’ll probably be taking your order at Arby’s. 

But he was fast. The fastest ever and I feel like that mark is safe.

Take the over at -1000.

What will Rich Eisen run in the 40-yard dash? Over/Under 6.05 seconds (-120).

The NFL Network’s Rich Eisen runs the 40 every season for charity and will again this week. Rich looks like he’s in decent shape and uncorked a 5.98 in the 40 last year, inching closer to his own personal record of 5.94.

Take the under at -120.

Will there be a fastest 60-yard shuttle ever recorded? Over 10.71 seconds (-208), Under 10.71 seconds (+155).

The same year Ross set a new record in the straight line 40, Shelton Gibson out of West Virginia did the same in the 60-yard shuttle. He has not caught a pass in the NFL since 2018. Again, we’re measuring the ability to exercise, not to play the actual sport. 

I think this one is safe. 

Take the over at -208.

Will there be the highest vertical jump ever recorded? Under 45 inches (-333), Over 45 inches (+225)

This record has stood since 2015 with Houston Texans wideout Chris Conley tying the mark set by former Kansas City Chief Donald Washington in 2009.

That’s a long time without a new record and college athletic training has improved immensely over the last decade. This might be the spot to make some cash.

Take the over at +225.

Will there be a longest broad jump ever recorded? Under 12.3 (-1250), Over 12.3 (+550).

This one too has sat there for seven years untouched. You could make the same argument with the vertical that it’s time, but here’s your problem. When Byron Jones set it in 2015, he crushed the old record. No one has come with in five inches of his mark since. Of the top five marks, his is the only one that wasn’t set in 2017 or 2019. So this one is all but set in stone.

Take the under at -1250.

Will there be the most bench press reps ever recorded? Under 49 (-588), Over 49 (+335).

Outside the 40, this one might be the most fun to watch for me. Defensive tackle Stephen Pea set the mark in 2011 and no one’s got within sniffing distance of it since. I feel like this is a lost art and only competed for by men who really want it and have shorter arms. 

Take the under at -588.

Position of the player to record the fastest 40 time this year? Cornerback (+100), Wide receiver (+150), Running Back (+225).

Memphis wide receiver Calvin Austin III is 5-foot-nine, 172 pounds and a member of the Tigers’ 4×400 and 4×100 relay teams. 

His top competition is probably LSU’s Derek Stingly Jr. who has posted a 4.3 in the past. 

I say go wide receiver at +150.

Position of the player recording most bench press reps this year? Offensive tackle (+150), defensive tackle (+175), guard or center (+205), linebacker (+255).

Of the seven best bench press performances all time at the combine, none belong to an offensive tackle or linebacker. Like I said earlier, OT’s arms are too long. In those six best performances, five belong to defensive tackles and two to interior offensive lineman. 

Take defensive tackle at +175.

Will there be the fastest 3-cone drill ever recorded? Over 6.28 seconds (-222), Under 6.28 seconds (+165).

J.T. Thomas set this mark in 2018 after it had been untouched since 2011. It did him no good and he never got drafted or played a down of professional football. The only guy to land in the top five since was Rams cornerback David Long in 2019. 

Take the over at -222.

Will there be a fastest 20-yard shuttle drill ever recorded? Under 3.81 seconds (-222). Over 3.81 second (+165)

Brandon Cooks set this record in 2014. Only two guys have sniffed at it since, with Bobby McCain finishing 0.01 seconds slower in 2015 and Justin Simmons 0.04 slower in 2016. Seems pretty safe to me. 

Take the over at +165.

Adam Greene is @TheFirstMan on Twitter.

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