TikToker Exposes Steelers Player With ’10 Side Girls’ in Viral Posts

“When you hook up w/talk to a NFL player for FUN but then find out he’s a master manipulator who has a 3 year relationship.”


An unnamed Pittsburgh Steelers player was dumped by his longtime girlfriend after one of his many alleged “side girls” spoke up on Instagram and TikTok.

The New York Post has outlined the sensational story, which began when video filmed by Los Angeles-based Pilates instructor Jennifer Woodward was reposted on SportsGossip.com’s Instagram account.  



“I had been very, very casually talking to an NFL player for a few months,” Woodward said. “He was talking to a lot of other girls which absolutely like is not the problem whatsoever. What is the problem is that while he’s been messing around with me, while he’s been messing around with other girls, he has had a whole girlfriend — hidden girlfriend — of three years.”

Without naming the NFL athlete in question, Woodward pledged to send damning evidence to his girlfriend. 


“I truly, truly believe in my heart of hearts that she’s oblivious so when I [direct message] her, I’m going to be as nice as I possibly can,” Woodward said. “I’m just automatically going to send her proof right off the bat. So what I have in my phone right now are screenshots of him texting me his address, him ordering me Ubers — I have all the receipts. I have him telling me he’s coming down from his apartment to come get me in the lobby. I have us making it very clear that I’m going to see him.”

An update on the situation was discovered on Woodward’s TikTok. In a video captioned, “I destroyed his life all in one day and I’ll do it again,” she lip-synced the lyrics to Rihanna’s breakup-themed 2008 single “Take a Bow.” On-screen text indicates that the player’s girlfriend found out and then broke it off. 


Yeah🤠 I destroyed his life all in one day and I’ll do it again #OPIObsessed #fyp #ReadySetShop #nfl #nfl2020

♬ original sound – Jeromey White

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“When you hook up w/talk to a NFL player for FUN but then find out he’s a master manipulator who has a 3 year relationship and 10 side girls (sic),” and “So you tell his girlfriend (who has no idea) she dumps him, and he gets injured all in the same day.”

Skeptical TikTok users accused Woodward of fabricating a “cap”—the latest slang for a lie—but she doubled down and provided further evidence of the player’s infidelities. 


“To everyone saying, ‘This is cap,’” she said in front of a screenshot of text messages in a reply video that’s been set to private, “here are screenshots of me DMming the girlfriend and this is when she broke up with him.”

“Okay so this is the first proof I sent the girlfriend and attached our screenshots between the player and I,” she said in another private reply video to a user requesting messages with the player. “And this is even a Snapchat of me in his bathroom wearing one of his shirts.”


Most recently, Woodward defended her decision not to reveal the identities of the player and his apparently now-ex-girlfriend in an Instagram post. 

“I truly didn’t wish for this much attention to be brought on myself or the other people involved. Call me naïve, but that’s the truth. I stand by not making any names public and I ask that everyone respects the privacy of other individuals as well,” she wrote in a screencapped message.


“The only thing I am to be blamed for in the situation is believing that man. I don’t condone cheating, I don’t have any ill intent on any of the parties involved,” she continued. “In a world where it’s acceptable to bash another women [sic] down and normalize athletes getting away with this is sad.”

“I won’t be commenting on this again.”