Tony Hawk Now Selling Blood-Infused Limited Edition Skateboards

Every deck contains some of the Birdman's DNA.
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Since his career began in the 1980s Tony Hawk has painted plenty of half-pipes and pools with his blood. Now, he's putting that blood to good use in 100 limited-edition skateboard decks. 

As part of a partnership with Liquid Death Mountain Water, the legendary vert skater donated 100 vials of his actual blood to be mixed with paint and used on boards. 

Tony Hawk x Liquid Death Promo

"Apparently I didn't read the fine print and now Liquid Death officially owns my soul, and my blood, too," Hawk said in a promotional video per USA Today. "I don't know, it's very confusing. They're taking my blood, and they're gonna use it for skateboard graphics." 

The design features Liquid Death's " Thirst Executioner" mascot clutching Hawk's iconic skull on a vermillion background, along with the catchphrase " Murder Your Thirst" at the nose. 

Tony Hawk x Liquid Death  (2)

Priced at $500 per deck, all proceeds go directly to 5 Gyres, an anti-plastic nonprofit. A share also goes to Hawk's The Skateboard Project, which works to open skateparks in underserved communities. 

Hawk is an ambassador for Liquid Death. The water company with the intimidating name says it aims to "to make more people laugh and get more of them to drink more water more often all while helping to kill plastic pollution." Both its still and sparkling water varieties are sold in aluminum cans instead of plastic bottles.   

Tony Hawk x Liquid Death  (3)

Unfortunately, every example of Liquid Death's Hawk Blood Deck is spoken for. You can find plenty of other irreverent merch at the company's webstore.