Tony Romo Requests Massive Salary Bump to Stay With CBS

The ex-QB known as “Romostradamus” is going for the big bucks.

Tony Romo Promo
Photo: Getty Images

As a brilliant, almost psychically accurate NFL color commentator, former Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Tony Romo has apparently realized he’s sitting on a gold mine. After his striking performance in the booth during the 2018-19 playoffs and Super Bowl, Romo has decided it’s time to get paid in spades.

According to the Sporting News, Romo took note of how his stock rose in value throughout the season and realized his paltry $4 million a year just wasn’t doing it for him.

So, Romo is looking to boost himself up into the 8-figure range:

The Cowboys’ all-time passing leader is nicknamed “Romostrodamus” for his uncanny ability to see plays before they unfold. Romo knows today’s pass-happy NFL inside-out — unlike other color analysts who haven’t played in decades. He educates TV viewers in a clear, entertaining way, without the Spider 2 Y Banana jargon of Jon Gruden at his worst. If CBS wants to keep their young superstar in the booth with play-by-play partner Jim Nantz, it will have to double his salary and then some, sources said.

A $10 million salary sounds like a lot for an announcer. But consider some sports TV history.

According to Sporting News, Romo is at John Madden levels of popularity, and Madden only made $8 million at the peak of his announcing career.

It’s sort of a can’t-lose deal for Tony Romo. He’s had NFL teams asking him to return to the field, and there’s no doubt other networks know his worth and might be willing to break the bank to get him calling plays before they’re even made from their booth.

Of course, it isn’t like Romo is hurting for income if CBS balks. He made nearly $130 million over the course of his 14-year playing career and has sponsorship deals with brands like Corona and Skechers. He is also, as Sporting News notes, a great golfer. 

He could just go back into pro sports as part of the PGA Tour. 

Odds are with Tony Romo getting that raise and sticking around at CBS and really building that brand. John Madden’s rep was so great his name is still on one of EA’s most popular game franchises.

It’s easy to believe Romostradamus would be fine with having that kind of long-lasting recognition one day.