The ‘Pawnagraphic’ New Logo of the World Chess Championships Is Freaking Everyone Out

Who knew tantric sex and chess went so well together?

Sexy Chess Promo
Photo: Getty Images

Playing a board game isn’t exactly what you’d call a “sexy” activity

The World Chess Championships is evidently trying to change that perception with a wild new logo that looks suspiciously—or exactly—like a tantric sex position. 

The WCC calls the logo “controversial and trendy, just like the host city [of London].” Hmmmm…whatever you say, guys.

It certainly caught everyone off guard. Just watch Fox anchors Dan Evans and Kelly Chapman lose their shit during the lewd logo’s dramatic unveiling: 

Others had similarly hilarious reactions:

Hell, those enterprising bastards at the WCC are even trying to cash in on the sudden uptick in fame by selling prints with the “famous world chess championship logo” for a whopping $54. 

Ridiculous as it is, credit where credit is due. Seriously, when was the last time you thought about the World Chess Championships?

Who knows what kind of Kama Sutra-inspired craziness we’ll see when the competition kicks off on March 10, 2018.