3 Ways to Tech Out Your Wardrobe

When we say “fashion-forward,” we really mean it.

Technology is currently making us drinks and molding the youth of today into outstanding citizens. Hell, in the near future Mark Zuckerberg is going to be privy to every virtual boob you look at. So there’s no reason that a bunch of dudes in lab coats shouldn’t be devoting their time to making you look great (there’s no diseases they could be trying to cure, right?). Here’s three tech-toting companies that aim to keep you stylish this summer.


Still in the development stage but quickly being funded, Gekks will solve a problem that’s been plaguing the summertime dude for centuries. Made with some science-y stuff that involves the words “antimicrobial,” “NASA,” “oxidization,” and “ions,” it’s essentially a sock that you can stick inside your boat shoe, loafer, or other low-cut kick and it will act as an odor-eliminating, permanent sock. The high tech gel will also allow you to attach and reattach to different shoes without leaving a residue. Sorry, but your excuse to smell terrible in the summer is gone.

Combatant Gentlemen

Home of the $160 suit, Combatant Gent has you covered with a quality garment at an unspeakably cheap price. How do they handle that? They own everything, all the way down to the sheep that produce the wool. Yes, really. They also engineer their own logistics, so they don’t have to pay outside consultants to do it for them. All of this translates to the savings being passed down to you. Not to mention, they’re also third-generation tailors, so they know how to make a suit fit. Say goodbye to this look.

Arden Reed Tailor Truck

Also on the Kickstarter trip, Arden Reed has reached its goal and will be taking off in the “Tailor Truck” this summer. The tank is equipped with a 3D scanner which can make a 1.5 million point model of your entire body with a 5mm margin of error. From there, the tailors will construct a garment that is custom-made to fit your weird body, and you didn’t even have to have an old Italian man measure you inseam for what seems like a unnecessarily long amount of time.