5 Breakout Fashion Brands to Watch This Summer

From shades to swimwear, these brands are elevating summertime style for top models and Instagram influencers.

Ashiko Westguard wears Just Human sunglasses.

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With summer fast approaching, now’s the time to take a look at the fashion brands that are set to be in vogue during the hottest season of the year. 

Backed by an avalanche of testimonials from major influencers, these labels have clearly separated themselves as contemporary leaders for their categories due to noteworthy achievements in quality (per price), product design, and transparent ethical values.

Let’s take a look at these stand-outs and see why today’s leading tastemakers are choosing them at such frequency:

Shades: Just Human

Westguard, take two.

Designed to be captivatingly sleek yet irreverent, prodigy sunglass brand Just Human has begun to build an impassioned base among bold millennial leaders such as model Shaun Ross and mountain climber extraordinaire Ashiko Westguard.

Just Human’s new generation of luxury sunglasses aims to break all of the traditional rules. By fusing the world’s highest performance lenses into a cutting-edge luxury design—all handcrafted from sustainable materials in Japan—Just Human is able to deliver avante-garde looks that accentuate individuality.

Daring millennial leaders like Westguard choose Just Human shades for their superior lens performance (which she says is ideal for enjoying the outdoors) and fashionable look. 

A renaissance woman with successful parallel careers as a fashion model, mountain climber, and female empowerment leader, Westguard established herself as a muse for tens of thousands of young women who dare to become anything they want to be in this world.

“I want women to see me and say, ‘Wow, there’s so much possible that I can bring into my life independently and off my own work ethic. I do not need to simply be a product of my upbringing or pigeon-holed by society into one category. I can genre-bend and capitalize on each of my passions by making a career out of it.'”

Swimwear: Wanderlust Swim


Wanderlust Swim, an Australian-based swimwear label, has stirred up the most excitement among fashion icons prepping for summer travel.

Stepping away from the norm of the swimwear industry, the label provides more than just your average suits. Its new HS’19 Collection, for instance, introduces an assortment of suits inspired by bold ’90s-style pieces with refined design features, including skinny-strap styles and the brand’s staple shirring signatures.

With trends admired by fashion icons such as Kendall Jenner, Elsa Hosk, Alessandra Ambrosio, Sara Sampaio and Gizele Oliveira, Wanderlust Swim brings a more polished and tasteful touch to summer beachwear that is enticing to more discerning consumers.

Cosmetics: Klast Beauty


In cosmetics, one of the most talked-about brands to emerge in years is Crystal Clay™️ wunderkind Klast Beauty.

Founder Jenn Kain was motivated by the rising popularity of crystals to see if she could create a superior skincare solution in the space that would give society a bona-fide reason to indulge in these precious gemstones.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kain sought out the crystals from the finest ethical single-source clay mine in the country, which she discovered after an extensive search process with the help of co-founder Zach Iser.

From this pristine red-utisol clay, Kain developed unique formulas, including a Crystal Clay™️ Mask, as well as a Crystal Pearl Mist that balances PH, vitalizes complexion, and refreshes the skin on a deep level, leaving a healthy, natural glow.

Klast’s emergence as the first crystal-origin skincare solution has been met with rave reception from supermodels and fashion icons, such as  models Lyena Strama and Rose Bertram.

Bertram’s inspiring testimonial—reprinted below—set off a firestorm of excitement over the brand that’s piqued the interest in the potential of crystal-healing power from the cosmetics industry at large.

“MY SKIN is so important to me! I’m always looking for new products, new masks, creams, etc. I never go to bed without cleaning my face and making sure it is well hydrated even after a long night out, or when I’m super tired or lit.” 

“This mask that I’m holding is my friend’s new crystal-infused skin care line. I definitely recommend it! @klastbeauty #crystalclaymask #crystals.”

Resort Wear: Sotto Il Sole 


In the resort wear space, the most promising brand to emerge in Q2/Q3 of 2019 has been sandal neophyte Sotto Il Sole.

The artisan luxury brand—founded by real estate financier Matthew Stenta and cobbler Sasha Czerniawiski—has captured the attention of fashion icons and media editors alike by being the first customizable Italian sandal brand in the category.

Handcrafted from the finest Italian leather to match the specification of each customer, Sotto Il Sole affords discerning buyers the rare luxury of being able to make singular, timeless pieces.

Surprisingly, the core of Sotto Il Sole’s fan base has emerged not in Italy or Greece, but in Manhattan and Brooklyn where city-dwellers covet the liberating feeling the sandals imbue.

Recently, prominent NY artists and fashion models such as Laney DeGrasse have voiced their support for the brand, helping to ignite a groundswell movement that’s spilled over into pop culture.

Footwear: Koio 

Model Veronika Dash wears Koio kicks.

Millennial footwear powerhouse Koio has sustained the momentum garnered by the 2018 launch of the Avalanche Collection with new colorway releases, as well as a string of celebrity-designed collections such as the Koio X Bryan Greenberg and Koio X Nina Agdal product capsules.

Emma Gol in poses in Koio shoes. 

Due to the unparalleled comfort, versatility of wear, and quality-to-price ratio, Koio is still getting more traction from the influencer community than any footwear brand with a stream of endorsements flooding in weekly from fashion leaders such as Alli Martinez, Veronika Dash, and Emma Gol.

To capitalize on the infatuation of Koio, today’s most glamorous culture sets, trendy hotels and cocktail lounges—from the Beverly Hills Hotel to the exclusive Socialista Club in New York City—have begun teaming up with the brand to create their own Koio capsules.