Accutron Reaches For The Sky With Revamp Of Iconic 1960s Astronaut Watch

A limited edition watch that’s truly out of this world.


Few watches have hit the lofty stratosphere as a part of vital NASA missions (one brand in particular comes to mind), but more unsung historical timepieces proved just as useful, and in unexpected ways.

Take Accutron‘s original 1968 Astronaut Watch, and then consider the fact that it’s been brought forward into the modern age–sounds worthy of a closer look, no?


Although the model arrived without as much fanfare as, say, an Omega watch worn in similarly intense conditions, the history of the OG Astronaut is no less intriguing.

It featured a tuning fork movement (before the explosion of quartz watches) that NASA put to use in instrument panels and of course, watches trusted on intense missions.


Incredibly, the tuning fork movement — although difficult to service and repair — actually proved more accurate than a balance spring (try within two seconds). Every second counts, right?

In fact, the design of the original watch made it a preferred timepiece for A-12 spy plane pilots, who dealt with extreme temperatures and pressure.


The current iteration calls back to that historical timepiece with a clean white-on-black dial design, while the most striking feature might be the two-tone “Day and Night” bezel,” allowing for easy legibility with contrasting numerals.

The streamlined “bullet” bracelet falls right in line with classic Accutron designs, while the partial exhibition caseback is also visually appealing.


Of note, the watch itself also boasts highly useful GMT functionality for time-telling across the globe, with a fourth hand and the Swiss-made Sellita SW-330 automatic movement housed within the nicely sized 41mm case.


Accordingly given the fascinating historical roots of the Astronaut, the 2023 edition should prove a true rarity: Only 300 pieces are available, priced at $3,500.

It’s more of a bargain than other Space Age watches, and if that sounds up your alley, consider revamping your wrist game now.