Here Are the Best Agent Provocateur Lingerie Looks To Rock Right Now

These sexy lingerie sets are the gifts that keep on giving.

The holiday season is nigh, my friends, which means it’s nearly time to get together with friends and family, celebrate your blessings, and give your loved ones thoughtful gifts from the bottom of your heart. 

It goes without saying, though, that the woman in your life deserves something a little sexier, which is why you should take a look at the gallery above for some inspiration, with ten of Agent Provocateur’s sexiest lingerie looks to get your girlfriend, wife, mistress, etc.

But we’re not stopping with just 10 sultry looks. Below, you’ll find my top three picks for the most seductive lingerie sets from the luxury lingerie line.

“Dorotia” set

(Photo: Agent Provocateur)

Get the bra for $215, the panties for $130, and the suspender for $190.

“Blythe” set

(Photo: Agent Provocateur)

Get the high neck bra for $285, and the high-waisted panties for $250.

“Kimiko” set

(Photo: Agent Provocateur)

Get the bra for $890 (coming soon).

But before you go ahead and purchase some seriously good lingerie, it’s vital that you know how to shop for it. Here are the basics:

1. Understand bra sizes 

Bras have two sizes: The band size and the cup size. The band is the measurement of her rib cage and is, as the name implies, the band of the bra. The cup size is for how big her boobs are, a.k.a. the bust, and is the measurement of how much bigger her bust is than her rib cage.

Here’s an example: The bra size 36C means 36 is the measurement of her rib cage, and C is the cup size. Easy!

2. Know her sizes

Lingerie needs to be the correct size for it to fit perfectly and look good, so you absolutely need to know her size. If you don’t feel like directly asking her what size bra and panty she wears, take a quick look in her closet and check the tags. 

3. Know her style

Does she like lace? Is she a bright and colorful undergarment person, or does she prefer simple black? Is she someone who’d be comfortable wearing something suuuper sexy….or a little more modest? All things to consider. 

4. Don’t be cheap

After seeing the prices for these garments of a sexy lingerie nature, you’re probably a little disturbed that bras and panties cost hundreds of dollars. But guess what? Lingerie isn’t cheap, especially if it’s high-end. Obviously. That said, prepare yourself for a bit of an investment.

For a comprehensive guide on shopping for lingerie, check out our “How to Buy Lingerie 101” right here. You’re welcome.