Lighten Up Your Scent With These Refreshing Spring Colognes

Airy spring scents with floral touches and brisk natural notes.

Spring Colognes Promo
Left: Bentley

Seasonal transitions are all about the details, like the way you stow away your sturdy winter boots and reach for suede chukkas, and the way you update your grooming routine. Just as you should be switching over your cologne from summer to fall, you should be taking the same approach when it comes to the best transitional cologne to wear from winter into spring.

Think of it as you would any other transition (even similar to switching from a dark winter porter to a cold, crisp lager for spring). The best scents for spring are light and airy, but with classic and bold profiles all the same, so think of floral touches and refreshing natural themes. A winter cologne is heavier on the nose, oftentimes with spiced or seasonal scent notes that draw on the cold climes of the season (think fire, tobacco or smoke).

A new cologne signifies something else these days, too: It means you’re getting dressed properly again, stepping back out into the world and putting your best foot forward. Make haste and shop our picks for the best spring colognes just as soon as you can.

Salvatore Ferragamo Intense Leather Eau de Parfum

Salvatore Ferragamo

Ferragamo describes its latest scent as a blend of “artisanal flair and charismatic appeal,” and that means scent notes of mineral Oakmoss and pink peppercorn mingle with floral touches of Lily of the Valley and more. What it really means for you is that this scent is as fresh and varied as the first breezy weekend day of spring. $100

Escentric Molecules Vetiver, Mexican Lime and Ginger

Escentric Molecules

Refreshing and bright notes of Mexican lime signify the return of warmer weather and perhaps a freshly made tequila cocktail or two, so spruce up for the occasion with Escentric Molecules. Sandalwood, musk and jasmine also mingle here, creating a refined and welcome scent for equally refined seasonal occasions. $85

Montblanc Explorer Eau de Parfum

Montblanc Explorer

If you want to build a complete lifestyle with meaningful goods aplenty right on down to your trusted pen or your stylish leather briefcase, Montblanc is the way to go. And it’s equally fitting that they’re toasting to the spirit of travel and adventure with the aptly named Explorer Eau de Parfum. $98

AllSaints Leather Skies


The same brand that makes your covetable light wash jeans and an unlined moto jacket for spring is now making a fittingly bold scent to go along with those edgy, modern classics. Leather Skies blends scent notes like smoked black pepper with rich leather and wood for a fragrance that reminds us of seasonal adventures. $75

Fulton & Roark Kiawah Solid Cologne

Fulton & Roark

Solid cologne should be just as high on your list of seasonal grooming upgrades as the other colognes on this list, not least because this option is affordable and easy to stow in your dopp kit for a spring getaway. Coastal breezes and accent notes of cedar remind us of the great outdoors and warmer weather all around. $60

Bentley Azure for Men Eau de Toilette


Bentley (yes, the famed automaker) is helping you step up your spring in every way possible, particularly with this bright and airy fragrance that calls to mind ocean breezes and beachy getaways. $100