These Converse Limited Edition Chuck 70s Are 2 Sneakers in One

Double Trouble.
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Converse x Feng Chen Wang  (6)

This Feng Chen Wang-designed Converse Chuck 70 is a culmination that began two years ago, when the Chinese-born, London-based fashionista deconstructed and reassembled 30 Chuck pairs in layered "high-concept" forms that were presented during her show in Shanghai.  

Converse x Feng Chen Wang  (4)

The showcase prompted the Nike-owned basketball sneaker brand to collaborate with Wang on a similarly unique sneaker that would resonate with wider audiences, and the result is the Chuck 70 2-in-1. 

Converse x Feng Chen Wang  (1)

The base white shoe's organic canvas overlay, double-layered foxing tape, and outsole are actually sourced from a larger size of shoe, creating a throughline focused on the numeral "2." 

Converse x Feng Chen Wang  (2)

The theme continues with a double-lace loop, while Wang's namesake text logo appears on heel, sockliner and laces. In addition to a bold layered aesthetic, the extra material also offers more flex in each step in comparison to the standard Chuck 70.  

Converse x Feng Chen Wang  (5)

The finalized color palette of either persimmon orange or black aim to demonstrate "the cohesion between Wang’s deconstructed ethos and the classic Converse silhouette."

Converse x Feng Chen Wang  (3)

Priced at $164.01 (£140), the Converse x Feng Chen Wang Chuck 70 2-in-1 launches online October 20.