Explore Patek Philippe’s Legacy With ‘The Quest For The Perfect Watch’

A handsome two-volume photo book dives into the history of the storied Swiss watchmaker.

Patek Philippe

Before innovations like the stunning Patek Philippe Nautilus and other horological wonders, there was still intricate watchmaking ticking through the ages–out this April, a new two-volume set celebrates the famed watchmaker’s role in that history.

Treasures from the Patek Philippe Museum comes complete with two illustrious and well-appointed volumes (Vol. 1: The Emergence of the Watch and Vol. 2: The Quest for the Perfect Watch).

teNeues Publishing

Available via teNeues Publishing, both volumes unearth unprecedented, historic detail surrounding the history of watchmaking in Europe and its impact on culture at large.

Patek Philippe Museum

At the core of each volume is a range of photos and illustrations detailing more than 3,000 watches from the enviable Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, with the selection itself curated by Patek Philippe Museum Director Peter Friess.

teNeues rightfully calls Patek Philippe “one of the most sought-after watch brands of our time,” and it seems on the surface as if two volumes might not begin to cover it.

teNeues Publishing

The selection manages to cover the museum’s astounding array of timepieces, including the first-ever portable timepieces fashioned in the 16th century.

OnlyWatch/Patek Philippe

It’s a testament to the longevity and exclusivity of Patek Philippe that the company inspires comparisons to “the perfect watch” even in modern times, let alone centuries ago in the infancy of watchmaking.

You might consider it a downright steal that the two hardcover volumes retail for a pre-order price of under $70, an outstanding deal for two tomes charting the course of watch history. Pre-order now and start your own quest for the perfect watch this coming April.