The 5 Best Haircuts For Guys With Thinning Hair

If you’re thinning or going bald, here’s how to look your best.

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I hate to say it, but male pattern baldness is basically inevitable. Statistics show that by the age of 35, around 66 percent of guys are losing their hair, and by the time they hit 55, 85 percent are at least partially bald. 

I mean, you can slow down your hair loss by using Rogaine and Propecia, eating the right foods, and reducing stress, but those things can only do so much.

While it can be damn near impossible to stop or reverse genetic hair loss, you can make your receding hairline and thinning crown work for you by getting the right haircut. 

Here, five of the best haircuts for thinning hair.

1. Tapered Sides

Ralph Fiennes. (Photo: Getty)

Receding hairline and thinning up top? No problem! Keeping the top of your hair longer and tapering the sides can help understate your hairline, while giving the illusion of fuller hair. Bonus points if you have scruff or a beard like Ralph Fiennes above, as we all know that facial hair can be a good look when paired with thinning hair.

To style use a blow dryer to add volume, and use a small dab of wax or pomade to tousle the front with your fingertips and give it some texture.

2. Finger-Length Cut

Jude Law. (Photo: Getty)

Basically just a longer version of a buzz cut that’s the same length all around –about one inch all over — this cut is perfect if the hair above your temples is receding, leaving you with a defined peninsula of hair in the middle, just like Jude Law. 

Keeping your hair an inch long gives you enough hair to work with and makes it look like you have more hair than you actually do, without it looking like you’re trying to hide a receding hairline. Style with product as needed.

3. Combed Over

Will Arnett. (Photo: Getty)

No, I don’t mean an old-school “combover” where you brush over a couple wimpy strands of hair to cover a giant bald patch at the top of your head. Never do that. Ever.

The combed over style I’m talking about works for receding temples and/or a thinning top, and is a nice, clean look where the top is longer than the sides to create the illusion of fullness, and swept over to one side — almost like a side part, but less defined. 

To style, blow dry to the side, and use some wax or pomade to keep in place. 

4. Buzz Cut

Jason Statham and his famously buzzed head. (Photo: Getty)

One step above shaving it all off, buzz cuts are great for thinning hair because you can’t really see how much hair you have or don’t have, it’s super low-maintenance, and it makes you look totally badass. Plus it goes great with stubble or scruff.

And guess what? Being proudly bald can actually make you more attractive. A recent study found that bald men are perceived as more intelligent, dominant, and, yes, even sexier than dudes who have a full head of hair, so buzz cuts definitely have their benefits.

5. Shaved

Vin Diesel rocking the shaved head. (Photo: Getty)

But what if the buzz cut just isn’t bald enough? Then shave it all off. There’s nothing more elemental than a man who chooses to battle baldness by going nuclear and straight-up shaving it all off. Just make sure you’ve got a decent skull and don’t mind putting shaving cream on your dome every day to maintain that Mr. Clean look.

Think Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, Vin Diesel. They’re bald, and they’re owning it. There’s nothing sexier than confidence, so embrace your baldness and be the shiny-headed badass you’re meant to be.