Five Gym Bags Under $150

Because we don’t have dedicated gym lockers anymore. 

Does anyone have a designated gym locker anymore? You know the sort that is yours for months and months? A locker that you can leave your deodorant, shower gel, extra shirt, work out sneakers, towel and everything else in as you meander through life? Does anyone do that? We didn’t think so.

Instead we’ve taken to toting the essentials with us, to the gym and office to keep ourselves prepared. And since we may or may not have fallen off our New Year’s Eve fitness resolutions, we figured the best way to get back on the horse was by squaring away exactly how we were going to cart all the equipment around.  

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Check out five gym bags, from the classic duffel to some thoughtfully designed backpacks, all priced under $150 and ready to snap up. And if you are looking for some other sort of carrying inspiration, check out our September Issue on stands now with our Baggage Claim editorial starting on page 94.

Photos by Karen Collins