H. Moser Unveils Black Hole-Inspired Watch With Vantablack Dial

This otherworldly $119,000 red gold timepiece features an ultra-dark Vantablack dial.

H. Moser

If you’re in the market for a watch that raises the bar, or rather, completely obliterates expectations in the best way possible, the new H. Moser Streamliner Tourbillon is a timepiece worthy of being your next horological obsession.

Priced at an astronomical $119,900, the watch debuted this week at Geneva Watch Days, the Streamliner Tourbillon is the latest addition to the sleek Streamliner Collection and joins an already impressive lineup of stunning timepieces (including this spring’s vivid green H. Moser Endeavour release).

H. Moser

The new H. Moser Streamliner Tourbillon defies expectations at every turn, using ultra-dark Vantablack coating on the dial, a material more commonly found in the fields of aeronautics and astrophysics, and meant to evoke a black hole.

Vantablack is a modern material (formed in 2012), believed to be the darkest substance in existence — it’s precisely the reason why the 5N red gold indices and integrated bracelet stand out so handsomely.

H. Moser

This revamped flying tourbillon (positioned at the 6-o’clock spot on the deep black dial) still manages to hit all the right marks of the classic “haute horology” movement.

H. Moser

And seeing as NASA this week released a rare audio clip of what a black hole actually sounds like, the timing of the ultra-luxe watch drop couldn’t be more appropriate.

The watch’s tourbillon itself was designed to appear floating “in the middle of a black hole,” an impressive nod to deep space and the origins of the otherworldly Vantablack hue.

The floating effect is intentional and carefully developed — even the indices are secured from the back of a dial with a plate, and they appear or disappear from view based on the viewing angle of the dial.

H. Moser

The inner complexities of the in-house movement (produced by H. Moser’s sister company) are visible through the crisply designed, intricate caseback.

H. Moser

For all its intricacies, the H. Moser Streamliner’s case still clocks in at an agreeable 40mm, although the rest of its features are a decided step up from more common, everyday timepieces.

That blend of classic watch design with next-level production hits all the right notes — H. Moser notes that the stunning Streamliner is “an understated powerhouse, a timepiece to be enjoyed to the fullest.”