How To Get The Coolest Sunglasses Worn in ‘The Matrix Resurrections’

Upgrade your shades game.

Warner Bros.

In addition to white rabbit motifs and mind-melting deja vu, The Matrix Resurrections viewers will see the cast wearing a new range of sunglasses designed on commission by designer Tom Davies for the sci-fi franchise’s fourth installment. Better yet, they can then go buy their favorite pair.

(Tom Davies)

Veteran costume designer Lindsay Pugh originally tapped the British eyewear maker to supply 200 bespoke shades for The Matrix Resurrections, Hypebeast reports. (The movie is in theaters and on HBO Max now—get a refresher on the preceding trilogy’s events courtesy of IGN below.)

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The sleek, wraparound “Mr. Anderson” and “Hero” styles are sported by Keanu Reeves’ Neo (Thomas Anderson) and Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity, while the cat-eyed Lexy is for Erendira Ibarra’s newcomer character of the same name.

Mr. Anderson
(Tom Davies)

A rendition of Morpheus’ nose-clipped round sunglasses and an “Agents” silhouette are also featured in the nine-piece collection.

“In my view, there is nothing in the creative industry that has such a fundamental impact on someone’s appearance as eyewear. A well-designed pair of spectacles can completely change how people perceive an actor onscreen,” Davies said.

(Tom Davies)

“The glasses worn by the characters in The Matrix series are a key element of each look, so this was the most creatively challenging Hollywood commission I have ever had.”

Priced from $69 to $495, the Tom Davies Matrix Resurrections sunglasses collection is available to try on virtually and buy on

Watch The Matrix: Resurrections now at HBO Max, and catch up on all things Matrix with the recap video above.