Hublot’s Latest Big Bang Watch Is A Neon Yellow Stunner

Hublot’s head-turning Big Bang clocks in at an astronomical $211,000.


The latest beaming member of Hublot’s Big Bang family gets its irradiant powers from the application of a seriously exotic substance used in satellites and lasers.

The neon yellow Big Bang automatic tourbillon’s entire 44mm case and bezel are crafted from an alloy dubbed Sapphire Aluminum Oxide and rare Earth Mineral, or SAXEM.


According to Hublot, the material is made from a combination of rare earth elements—like chromium and holmium—and aluminum oxide, the base chemical of sapphire.

The advantage is that it shines brighter and boasts more scratch resistance than sapphire while facilitating crazily irradiant colors like neon yellow. Hublot became the first watchmaker to implement Saxem on a vivid emerald green Big Bang MP-11 in 2019, and few have followed since.


Beneath the Saxem components and sapphire dome is Hublot’s HUB6035 Manufacture Automatic Tourbillon Movement, the intricate workings of which have been providing three-day power reserves to some of Hublot’s most expensive and desirable models since its introduction.

Paired with a color-matched structured lined rubber strap, the one-of-50 Hublot Big Bang Tourbillion Automatic Yellow Neon SAXEM is available to purchase now by appointment for an astronomical $211,000.