Huckberry Teams With Zodiac For Rugged Bronze Super Sea Wolf

A bronze beauty.

The famed Zodiac Super Sea Wolf is a silhouette that hardly needs improving (or even an introduction). As the first dive watch to hit the market decades ago, it’s a timepiece with staying power. And yet, it just got even better (and even cooler-looking), as rugged gear outfitter Huckberry just teamed with the Swiss watchmaker on a handsome, new Bronze Super Sea Wolf.


Zodiac launched a GMT version of the Super Sea Wolf earlier this year at Huckberry, and the latest Super Sea Wolf carries on the heritage of the original timepiece.

It also marks the first of four Huckberry x Zodiac watches set to launch the rest of this year.

It’s the bronze unidirectional rotating bezel that makes the difference, a nod to antique bronze diving helmets. And as far as rugged dive timepieces go, it stacks up handsomely (in price, looks and utility) to other entry-level bronze dive watches, like Shinola’s Bronze Monster Automatic.


It’s also got exclusivity going for it: Only 182 units of the Huckberry x Zodiac Bronze Super Sea Wolf were made.

With a price point hovering around $1,900, it’s an accessible, hard-wearing watch that updates a silhouette with plenty of history.


The Sea Wolf, in fact, was supplied to the U.S. military across all branches, Pearson said when discussing the watch with the Huckberry Journal.

“The watch was at an approachable price point, and also very innovative in terms of robustness, legibility, and uniqueness of design,” Pearson said. “People wanted to buy it because it was a great skin diver, and also because it looked good.”


The timepiece boasts the necessary bells and whistles to venture far off dry land, including a 44-hour power reserve and 200 meters of water resistance.

It’s got style points in spades for non-diving pursuits, like the option to swap in a brown suede utility strap as a change of pace from the black caoutchouc rubber strap.


As Pearson told the Huckberry Journal, this brand-new Zodiac watch is built to last, with unique character in the mix each time the watch is worn.

:More than anything, bronze becomes personal because it takes on a patina,” he said. “Each watch will look very different over time because of how we each sweat, how we work, how we move.”

A watch that tells its own story of your adventures on land and off, for under two grand, sounds like a collector’s timepiece worth scoring while it’s still in stock.