HYT Invents the Bloodthirsty Chronometer

Every hour is like the elevator scene in The Shining.

This skull has a capillary inside but unlike yours, the one in HYT’s Skull Red Eye watch contains hydraulic fluid. The capillary system, in which a standard mechanical movement drives fluid-filled bellows that pump fluid into channels surrounding a skull-shaped icon, is the basis of HYT’s incredibly deluxe, lavishly ghoulish skull watch.

Unlike most watches, the time is marked by the arrival of dark-red, viscous fluid, so every hour is like that one scene in The Shining. The case itself is black titanium and gold, both in brushed satin finish, and the strap is black alligator leather, which nicely underscores the watch’s “tasteful gore” approach. If you want to get in on this blood bath, get in quick contact with HYT/The Underworld—only 25 of these gorgeous and ghastly watches will be made. [price upon request; hytwatches.com]