Kendall Jenner Sports String Bikini and Fur Boots For Aspen Snow Shoot

No coat, no pants, no problem.

(Getty Images)

Kendall Jenner is channeling her inner Wym Hof in a chilly new Instagram post.

The 26-year-old supermodel stepped into snowy conditions at Aspen while wearing just a stringy black bikini and faux fur boots. A trio of photos preserved frigid moment for Jenner’s 214 million Instagram followers.

“Wim Hof said ice baths,” Jenner captioned the daring pics in reference to the Dutch extreme athlete, who’s been nicknamed “The Iceman” for his conquering of many freezing feats.

Jenner wore more appropriate winter kit in her previous Instagram post—a carousel showing snowboard highlights, including a video of the stunner popping multiple ollies before taking a light fall.

The powdery prowess caught the attention three-time Olympic champion snowboarder Shaun White, who responded with approving “fire” and “clapping” emojis.

In unsurprising news, the bikini photos have 9.8 million likes and counting, versus the snowboard gallery’s 5.1 million.