Kross Studio Unveils Watch With ‘World’s First Central Floating Tourbillon’

Next-level ingenuity.

(Kross Studio)

Innovation in the world of ultra-luxurious watches is a matter of intense precision and details that often require a second (or third glance): Kross Studio seems to know that better than anyone, breaking new ground with the KS 05 Collection.

Known for rarities like its $150,000 “Death Star” Watch just debuted a timepiece with what the brand describes as the “world’s first-ever central floating tourbillon” movement.

(Kross Studio)

The 220-component, 27-jewel movement operates peripherally, with a movement barrel wider than the radius of the watch, with the tourbillon resting above it.

What does this mean for the modern watch enthusiast? Quite literally an entirely new way to look at (and marvel at) a luxury timepiece.

(Kross Studio)

With a frequency of 21,600 beats per hour and a remarkable 5-day power reserve via its caliber KS 7’005 movement, Kross Studio (founded in 2020 by former Hublot Middle East manager Marco Tedeschi) rightfully notes that the watch is a “feat of horological prowess.”

(Kross Studio)

The tourbillon itself is fashioned from strong-yet-lightweight grade 5 titanium, and the watch itself is also designed sans lugs or edges.

In fact, the D-ring crown was incorporated into the case back, all in an effort to avoid disrupting the remarkably clean lines of the watch, and the one-click interchangeable strap system is also hidden on the case back.

A remarkable feat of horological prowess, indeed.

(Kross Studio)

Of the KS 05 Collection, Kross Studio, the company notes it “represents a new breed of luxury timepieces distinguished by a meticulously crafted case that equally balances functionality and aesthetic appeal.”

(Kross Studio)

It’s also groundbreaking in another way for Kross Studio: It marks the first time the boundary-pushing haute horologist has released its own watch, outside of a collaborative umbrella that includes partnerships with Lucasfilm.

And although there are six different KS O5 Collection models in stunning dial variations, only 10 of each are for sale.

Not just anyone is fit enough to secure this groundbreaking luxury watch achievement: Prices for the latest from Kross Studios clock in at about $96,000 each.