If You Thought the ‘Romper for Dudes’ Was Bad, Check Out These Lacey Shorts for Men

Is the world ready for another bizarre male clothing trend?


Just as we had acclimated to this brave new world of RompHims (rompers for dudes), another men’s clothing trend has captivated the Internet—lacey shorts for men.

Men have been rocking shorts for eons (including the cargo variety), but these are not your workaday khaki chinos. They’re made of a lacey materials that suggests that of women’s bras and underwear. Better yet, they’re see-through.

Compare it to the controversial RompHim, below.


The provenance of this new bro fashion trend is still unknown. The image was uploaded by the Instagram account @sparkiebabyofficial, which posed some very serious questions in the caption: “Would you wear these gentlemen? Ladies would you like to see your boyfriend or husband rock one of these? #malefashion”

A better question might be would anyone be caught dead in these?

h/t BroBible