At Last, A Smart Watch Without the Fuss

The Basis Peak Titanium Edition has smart-watch utility with old-school sensibility.

What does your wearable say about you? Apple promotes its namesake watch for a hyper-connected bunch, while Fitbit lures its users with a gym-revering, calorie-panicked credo. Wearable technology undoubtedly has its benefits, but all the corporate noise can overwhelm customers that just want to buy a cool timepiece — not make a statement.

The no-frills Basis Peak Titanium Edition is the perfect fit for someone looking to capitalize on the smart watch craze while evading the fuss. The watch charts daily movements, calories burned, heart rate and sleep patterns, thereby offering comprehensive fitness and health tracking. All information of your day-to-day activity is sent to an application on your smartphone, where it can be easily discerned through informative charts and graphs. Though it’s first and foremost a fitness device, it does sync with your smart phone to alert you of texts, incoming calls, emails and appointments.

Unlike competitors, it boasts an inconspicuous, high-contrast gray screen that saves as much money as it does headaches. Think of it as a cross between your high school calculator and a Kindle. While users can mix and match the various straps offered by Basis, the Peak Titanium Edition comes with a classic brown leather band. You’re sure to get some smart watch utility while not standing too far out from the chronometer crowd.

Though it doesn’t promise to revolutionize the wearable industry, it does offer its own one-of-a-kind assistance in the form of “habits.” On the corresponding smart-phone app, users can set habits they’d like to adopt, such as meeting a consistent bedtime or going for a morning jog. However, you can only set so many habits at a time. Much like in your favorite video game, you can only unlock new habits once you’ve earned enough points by meeting old ones. The process has been gamified to ensure you have some fun with your fitness routine.

The Basis Peak Titanium Edition, a limited release, costs $299.99. More frugal customers can check out the standard Basis Peak, which comes in at $199.99.