The Lazzarini Xenos Is a High-Speed Hyperyacht

This bullet-shaped concept ship can cruise along at speeds of up to 90 knots.


After conceiving the Ferrari of flying cars, Lazzarini Design Studio has returned to the sea with the Xenos Hyperyacht. 

Bullet-shaped and streamlined, the Xenos as designed would be 130 by 26 feet and with its sleek profile easily attain high speeds unusual for ships this size.

As usual, Lazzarini has allowed for a variety of design choices. The Xenos comes in anywhere from two to four engine configurations that could permit top speeds of 90 knots (about 103 mph).

Lazzarini has also designed both a conventional hulled version and a hydrofoil model, depending on the buyer’s needs and aesthetics. It’s kind of like an elegantly-designed souped-up waterborne bus as the long, narrow interior could easily be outfitted for transporting multiple passengers.  


For an individual owner, there is what amounts to trunk space in the rear of the Xenos—that’s where you could store your jet skis or even a tender. There’s a bridge as well, permitting easy ship to shore transportation for whatever vehicles you want to carry. 


Apart from the rear storage area, the forward sections are split-level, staterooms below and lounging areas up top. 

To find out more about the Xenos and check out Lazzarini’s striking style in general, go here: