L.L. Bean Debuts New Nineties-Inspired Style Capsule

Old-school cool.
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LL Bean 90s Reissue (4)

When you’ve got access to a veritable treasure trove of menswear’s greatest hits from decades gone by, what’s the logical thing to do? The answer, of course, is to dig deep, find the boldest and brightest gear in the archives, and reinvent it for the forward-thinking crowd that doesn’t mind having a little (or a lot) of fun.

LL Bean 90s Reissue (7)

Think of it like unearthing that jacket you loved back in the day, and yet realizing it still fits, and even better: It’s still on-trend.

LL Bean 90s Reissue (5)

L.L. Bean’s newly launched ‘90s capsule might seem like it just hit the market (the ‘90s weren’t that long ago, right?), but the catch is that L.L. Bean is drawing up these limited-edition pieces with today’s sustainability standards in mind.

LL Bean 90s Reissue (6)

Three ‘90s-inspired matching styles (an era-appropriate bucket hat, a flashy anorak and a tote bag) get their cool-as-can-be looks through the use of surplus fabric, repurposed to eliminate garment waste. 

LL Bean 90s Reissue (10)

The anorak in particular (inspired by a 1990s style) is a spring menswear winner, available in a more muted black-and-teal or a bright pink-and-purple combination and featuring an oversized fit.

LL Bean 90s Reissue (2)

“This collection is unique because it was unique to L.L.Bean in the ‘90s. Our 1991 All-Sports Anorak was one-of-a-kind, and we’re bringing it back at a time when many others are recreating similar looks,” said L.L. Bean Senior Product Designer Amy Yeo.

LL Bean 90s Reissue (11)

It’s like stepping back into an old family photo album and realizing that your jacket looked pretty cool back then, and it’s even cooler now. The new capsule was born when L.L. Bean’s outerwear partner realized leftover fabrics for the collection just happened to sync up nicely with colors on the famed 1991 All-Sports Anorak, and the rest is history (or it soon will be).

LL Bean 90s Reissue (3)

Only 750 bucket hats and 750 tote bags are available, and only 1,700 anoraks are up for the taking. That means you’ll have to act quickly (moving at Space Jam speed, for instance) to get your hands on this capsule. The 1990s called, and actually, you hang onto these new pieces -- in the best way possible.