MAPA Goes Off The Grid With ‘MSP’ Modular Micro-Cabins

The comfy little cabins can be transformed into saunas, studios, meditation rooms, and other tiny getaways.


International architects MAPA (Uruguay, Brazil, and the US), have long been involved in designs aimed at customers looking for retreats “off the grid.” 

With their Minimod Spot modular studio, MAPA takes a big leap into the wilderness with what they say is “a customizable space for any kind of activity: a meditation room, a sauna, an art-studio, a personal library or a record studio.”


With the Minimod Spot (MSP), MAPA has developed a versatile project aimed at smoothly immersing you in nature without sacrificing style or comfort.

MAPA decided to step away from approaching the tiny house as a permanent home with complete yet compact amenities and move toward single-use. The interior layout of the Spot dwellings is minimalist in design and eminently customizable, perfect for a single user or a couple’s getaway.


On its website, MAPA states that this “exploration of landscape and technology” is presented “as a primitive retreat with a contemporary reinterpretation.” The MSP is intended to enhance—not dominate—its surroundings. 

These modular, prefab units can be installed in pretty much any location then customized to suit individual needs for relaxation, recreation, or work. 

MAPA’s projects all demonstrate a minimalist elegance that doesn’t distract, suggesting a pretty Zen incorporation with the environment wherever they land. Interested in the MSP? Go here to contact the architects and learn more about logistics and pricing: