Montblanc Unveils Elegant World Time Watch

The exquisite watch showcases the planet’s 24 time zones in striking fashion.


The watch world abounds with complications that seemingly put you in two places at once, like the globally minded GMT watch, but what about a seamless look at 24 world time zones?

Impossible though it might sound, that’s what Montblanc has done with its world time watches since 2014, now including the new Montblanc Star Legacy Orbis Terrarum.


The precise, elegant and frankly, exquisite watch elevates the maison’s craft and art a step further in a surprisingly accessible way (at least, compared to its $156,000 Tourbillon Skeleton debuted this past June).


The Star Legacy Orbis Terrarum is the fourth world-timer launch from the famed luxury brand, who’s tapped luminaries like actor Cillian Murphy to showcase its heirloom-worthy wares as of late.

This impeccably designed timepiece plays off the Latin term “Diviso Orbis Terrarum,” which itself was coined in a nod to Roman general Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa’s first-century A.D. world map–a neat touch of impressive history, yes?


And in a further nod to the past, the Star Legacy Orbis Terrarum draws design inspiration from the 19th and early 20th century pocket watch designs of Minerva, with details like an onion crown and a pebble-shaped case.

The watch isn’t just easy on the eyes, taking things a step deeper when one goes inside the timepiece itself.


The impressive Star Legacy Orbis Terrarum runs on an MB 29.20 automatic calibre movement with a Manufacture world time complication.

No stone has been left unturned in its design: One edition of the watch features a rose gold-coated continents, meridians, hands and indication detailing on the dial.


The watch is available at Montblanc boutiques worldwide and online through the company, where you’ll also find a handsome royal blue edition of the Star Legacy Orbis Terrarum.

For good measure, Montblanc has dialed in these astonishing specs at a rather agreeable price of $7,000, one that just might make you stop and take a second glance–no matter where you are on the globe.