Q Timex Debuts GMT Version Of 1979 Reissue

Q Timex is diving into the GMT game.

Timex is upgrading its Q Timex line with a GMT addition to the retro-focused quartz watch series.

GMT functionality allows travelers to monitor additional time zones by way of a red-arrowed, 24-hour movement on Q Timex’s latest reissue. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) previously set the global standard for time zones around the world, and remains a popular style of watches for the horological-obsessed. Long before the smartphone era rendered them somewhat obsolete, GMTs were worn by pilots, sailors and other travelers to keep track of multiple time zones during early transatlantic trips.

The Q Timex GMT harks back to that rich GMT legacy with its most notable colorway, a red and blue bezel with a black face that evokes the sought-after Rolex GMT Master II “Pepsi,” a favorite of discerning watch collectors.

The Q Timex GMT is also available with a black and aqua bezel and an all-black bezel, but the two-tone blue and red version may have special significance to watch aficionados who covet the signature two-tone bezel of the Rolex GMT-Master and GMT-Master II.

Introduced in 1954, Rolex’s original blue and red GMT was initially favored by Pan-Am pilots who needed to keep track of multiple time zones during the first transatlantic flights. Rolex re-introduced the “Pepsi” in 2014, whereupon it quickly sold out and has spawned lengthy waiting lists ever since.

Timex has never had the cache of Rolex, of course, but the affordable American watchmaker is far more accessible while still channeling a Rolex Pepsi vibe. The Q Timex also boasts its own unique history, having been originally released in 1979 as part of a new wave of watches utilizing quartz technology.

Like previous Q Timex reissues, the new GMT watch features a rotating bezel, battery hatch and a domed acrylic crystal face. The Q Timex additionally offers GMT and date functionality and the choice of a stainless steel bracelet or rubber strap. The 38mm case is water resistant for up to 50 meters deep.

The Q Timex GMT is available on Timex.com for the predictably affordable Timex pricing of $199 for the rubber strap version and $219 for the classic steel bracelet model. For more on Q Timex, check out the Q Blackout Watch--designer Todd Snyder’s minimalist, blacked-out take on classic quartz timepieces.