Nike Drops New ‘Victorious Minotaurs’ Air Force 1 Highs Before NBA All-Star Game

These loud, limited-edition kicks will definitely turn heads.


Designer Riccardo Tisci, following his departure from French fashion house Givenchy, found a new home at Nike, kicking off his NBA-inspired collaboration series.

His latest are two new Air Force 1 Highs, one in yellow, red and black and the other in a more pastel palate—pink, red and purple, right before the NBA All-Star Weekend.

(Photo: Nike)

They were designed for a fictional, yet awesomely-named NBA team that Tisci has dubbed the “Victorious Minotaurs.” 

He has long had a fascination with Greek mythology, which also explains the stars on the uppers, just under the trademark Nike logo.

(Photo: Nike)

In fact, Tisci believes our modern-day mania for sports stars is like the ancient Greeks’ devotion to the gods.

(Photo: Nike)

“In the 90s, basketball players became kind of like rock stars,” he said in a statement. “But now, they are more than rock stars. They’re superhuman — representative of historic mythology.”

(Photo: Nike)

Both will be available on February 16th for $220. Peep them on the SNKRS app if you can’t stop the urge to cop.

(Photo: Nike)

Back in October, Tisci dropped similar “Victorious Minotaurs” Air Force 1s. In black, white, red and blue, they are now available on resalers like StockX for around $275.

Air Force 1 High Riccardo Tisci “Victorious Minotaurs” White

Air Force 1 High Riccardo Tisci “Victorious Minotaurs” Black