Omega & Swatch Get Grounded With ‘Mission On Earth’ MoonSwatch

A trio of stylish new MoonSwatches.


One of the most covetable yet accessible watch releases of the past few years is getting a second look, so to speak. Omega x Swatch just returned with a new set of MoonSwatch timepieces, bringing the buzzed-about collaboration back to Earth.

The latest and greatest Omega x Swatch “Mission On Earth” release brings forth three vibrant, creative colorways, each focused on “amazing terrestrial phenomena as seen from space,” Swatch noted.

The trio of releases was first hinted at by Swatch on Instagram, later revealing vivid “Lava,” “Polar Lights” and “Desert” timepieces in distinctive tones.

It’s not hard to see why the partnership has generated so much fervor, as it brings Omega’s coveted Speedmaster MoonWatch to the masses at a highly affordable price.


The original 2022 Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch series of releases sold out in a flash, and this latest iteration is available at just 16 stores across the United States.

Watches from the 2022 Omega x Swatch release have resold for as much as nearly five times the original $260 asking price, but right now, some older models can be had for as little as $300 via luxury resale sites like StockX.

The new MoonSwatch trio goes for $270 at select stores, with most models online hailing from the original Omega x Swatch collaboration, rather than this latest release.


Each watch features impressive chronograph detailing in contrasting colors, including the “Polar Lights” timepiece, as the “dial mirrors the mesmerizing beauty of the Aurora Borealis,” complete with silver-colored sparkles that differ from dial to dial.

The new trio offers plenty to love in ever-more distinctive ways, including the dusty tones of the “Desert” model and the vibrant red of the Lava model, which nods to “the Speedmaster “Ultraman” and the Speedmaster Alaska II and III projects,” Swatch noted.

Time will only tell how many models sit on store shelves, but watch enthusiasts and Omega fans should keep an eye out for both future releases and stellar savings on this latest launch.