Porsche Design Celebrates 50 Years with Two Special-Edition Sunglasses

Porsche Design updates the iconic frames with striking details as a nod to five decades of design excellence.

Porsche Design

Fifty years is an incredible milestone any way you slice it, especially if the design world has changed because of your influence across those five decades. Porsche Design continues to celebrate the proper way with two revamped editions of iconic Porsche Design sunglasses.

The legendary design firm recently released a stellar new timepiece in tribute to fifty years of its first chronograph watch, and design lovers and style enthusiasts alike have their pick of two additional standout entries in any everyday carry.

It’s certainly hard to improve upon a design as groundbreaking, well-loved and timeless as the Porsche Design 8478, which plenty of brands have tried in their own right to emulate.

At the time, the interchangeable lens mechanism was revolutionary in the eyewear world, and they’ve retained that same DNA (and the visually striking droplet-shaped lenses, too). As a bonus, the foldable design was impressive in its own right, too.

Porsche Design

The lenses themselves are an engineering marvel the likes of which only Porsche Design can dream up. As the brand says, the revamped sunglasses boast “almost flat base 2 curve lenses,” brought forward into 2021 with VISION DRIVETM polarized lens technology.

The result is strikingly clear vision on the road and a sleek finish within the ultra-lightweight titanium frames. If you favor speed and style when you travel, the 8478 is your go-to sunglasses pick.

Of course, it’s not the only sunglasses style on which Porsche Design hangs its hat (and racing gloves).

Porsche Design

The classic and yet improved 8478 is joined by the 8928, another aviator style with bold design points, to boot. The style reinterprets the 8478 with an angular aviator shape, equally at home on the road, on a yacht or on a warm patio this spring, Negroni in hand (sold separately, of course).

These shades, too, are made with ultra-lightweight titanium with grey VISION DRIVETM polarized for a crisp contrast and sleek style.

As a bonus, they’re delivered (like its counterpart) in an exclusive anniversary gift box featuring a handy leather glasses strap (ideal for the well-dressed man on the go).

Porsche Design

Satin-gloss platinum accents finish off each pair handsomely, and it’s a plus that the display box and the sunglasses themselves are both emblematic of Porsche Design’s commitment to quality and individuality.

Befitting two iconic pairs of sunglasses, each release is limited to 1,972 sets of frames. And notably, each is priced quite agreeably given the long-lasting style and versatility they’ll bring to your daily carry: Score a piece of history to complement your Porsche Carrera and perhaps your Porsche Design timepiece for $880.

Act quickly, because both of these new sunglasses are not to be missed.