Pro Hunter Unveils Blacked-Out Stealth Rolex World Time Watch

It’s the perfect timepiece for your inner globe-trotting super spy.

Pro Hunter

Many Rolex enthusiasts might feel customizing any model of one of the most storied names in horology is a sin against fine watchmaking. We’d bet a good portion of those purists might change their minds on seeing what British customizing outfit Pro Hunter has done with the Rolex GMT-Master II ref 116710LN.

Pro Hunter transformed the GMT into a world timer enhanced by a matte-black coating over the original stainless steel, converting a conventional Rolex into something that looks like the preferred gear of the world’s wealthiest special forces operator. 

Pro Hunter

The Rolex World Time Stealth edition watch is an automatic that runs on the watchmaker’s original 3186 caliber. This is a versatile movement that can handle two timezones and hold its power in reserve for two days. 

Pro Hunter added a 24-hour floating scale to the dial’s rim and reworked the ceramic bezel so that it now lists cities in all 24 world time zones. This set up permits the wearer to easily calculate the time in any of those cities at a glance and makes for a true one-of-a-kind Rollie.

Some extra details from the customizers:

  • Available in both Stealth (black) and Original coatings
  • Oyster, flat three-piece link bracelet
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, with the classic Rolex Cyclops lens magnifying the date
  • Water-resistant to 100 meters or 330 feet
  • Case backs have been signed by Pro Hunter and engraved with numbers 001 – 100

Dedicated world travelers and luxury watch fans who have no issues with slick modifications like the Pro Hunter’s new Rolex World Time Stealth edition need to jump on this opportunity if they seek a chance to wear a watch worthy of a super spy. 

Pro Hunter is only creating 100 pieces at $37,635 each, and you can learn more here, at