Ray-Ban Brings Back Classic ‘Outdoorsman’ Sunglasses

These rugged shades are cooler than ever.

(Photo: Ray-Ban)

As part of its “Reloaded” initiative, Ray-Ban is dipping into its archives to reboot some of its most iconic shades.

Last month, they revamped the classic Wayfarer for a limited-edition release. Now they’re reviving The Outdoorsman, a rugged take on classic aviators.

(Photo: Ray-Ban)

They differ from regular aviators with rounded frames and, most notably, a signature top bar. For the new release, they also feature a #Reloaded insignia engraved on the temple tips.

Ray-Ban has re-done them in three new colorways: Havana (brown), black and nude. 

(Photo: Ray-Ban)

The limited-edition drop is restricted to just five days, May 21 through May 25, and they will be available exclusively on Ray-Ban.com for $173.