Rolex Debuts New Submariners, Oyster Perpetuals, and Sky-Dwellers For 2020

Rollie upgrade alert.


Rolex doesn’t rest on their laurels. The famed luxury watchmaker just announced its 2020 lineup and it turns out they’ve given some of their most iconic models impressive upgrades, with changes to their appearance and sophisticated new technology. The star of Rolex‘s reveal was likely their new line of Submariners

New Rolex Submariner in silver with green ceramic bezel.

They’ve introduced an upsized, 41 mm No-Date Sub. It has a slightly wider Oyster bracelet but the perceptive Rollie fan needs to look closer to see other differences from the previous model—like inside, actually, as it runs off the new caliber 3230.

This caliber is that upgraded tech—Rolex has installed its very own Chronergy escapement to boost the timepiece’s functioning and durability. and with it comes a pretty impressive 70 hours of power reserve. 

The Submariners with date complications come in seven new flavors, including an Oystersteel “Kermit” with a ceramic bezel and white gold version with a deep blue bezel. Other colorways include a pair of Oystersteel and yellow gold models in black and blue and a pair of models in yellow gold and the same bezel colors.

These new Submariner Dates have been bumped up to 41 mm. They have a caliber 3245 movement and again, that prodigious 70 hours of power reserve.

New Rolex Sky-Dwellers

Rolex also revealed updated Sky-Dwellers. The changes aren’t extreme, but the Oysterflex bracelet has been improved with a new size-adjustment mechanism. It has the same caliber as in the past (9001) and even more power reserve—72 hours.

New Rolex Submariner in silver and gold with black ceramic bezel.

With the classic Oyster Perpetual dress watch line, Rolex went in an interesting direction, revamping them with striking new colorways: pink, yellow, green, red, and turquoise. A newer, larger 41 mm model joins the line as well.

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