The Shinola Ice Monster is a Titanium Dive Watch Inspired by Ancient Glaciers

The beastly new model from Shinola's Monster collection comes with a titanium case and a stone-cold design.
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From the icy depths of the glaciers that formed the state of Michigan and shaped the region’s frigid winters comes the latest addition to your watch collection: The Shinola Ice Monster. It’s a beastly launch from the Detroit watchmaker and it’s here just in time to power your fall and winter adventures.

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Made from ultra-lightweight and highly durable titanium, designed to resist corrosion from chlorine and sea water, this watch is the brand’s lightest and toughest to date. It joins a growing family of Shinola watches that any lover of rugged, functional-yet-stylish timepieces can appreciate. 

The timepiece retails for an investment-level $1,675, and it demands to be worn as often as possible (dare we say … on the daily?).

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Featuring a nicely sized 43mm case diameter, the white enamel dial is as crisp and clean as a layer of snow atop the icy, frozen depths of Lake Michigan in winter. If it reminds you of frigid winters where only the toughest gear has a chance of making it through (fellow Michigan brand Carhartt comes to mind), well, that’s precisely the point.

Rated to 30 ATM (300 meters), this tough-as-nails watch works in multiple seasons, as Shinola intended. The turning dive bezel makes this a watch that’s truly intended for off-grid adventures. And yet, it should look mighty stylish when worn this holiday season with a shawl cardigan, a chambray shirt and crisp blue denim. Talk about a perfect watch for a perfect seasonal style move, right?

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Lest you thought the buck stopped there, Shinola went the extra mile putting together this new launch. It’s made to be displayed in packaging reminiscent of a steel tackle box, and it comes complete with a special-edition photography booklet from Detroit photographer Amy Sacka, known for capturing the icy desolation and extreme beauty of Michigan’s famously fierce winters. And yet, ice seasons are shrinking, and Sacka’s work calls attention to this critical issue, too.

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This is an effort to be appreciated and enjoyed, and the Ice Monster is an exceptional watch that will remind you to take your adventures deeper than ever before. Invest in the best and reap the rewards — we can vouch for Shinola. 

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