Step Out in Style With 6 Luxe Sneakers

Shake up your sneaker game.

By now, you’ve likely put your favorite pair of canvas sneakers through the ringer this summer. And since man can’t survive on loafers or chukka boots alone, perhaps it’s time for a new pair. But not just any old pair will do: The selection you make now should carry you through the end of summer into early fall without missing a beat.

And while minimalist leather sneakers never go out of style, we say step outside the box a bit and splurge a little: Opt for a luxurious pair of on-trend sneakers that are just ever-so-slightly different, be it in design, materials, texture or a dash of all three.

“Luxury, by definition, is having more than you need,” Johnny Kraljevich, the founder & creative director of luxury performance sneaker brand Courser, which makes its sneakers by hand in Italy. “But owning a sneaker made out of the best materials by the finest craftsman, that not only looks good but provides long-lasting durability and comfort, is worth it in the long run.”

A man’ s footwear rotation needs versatility, variety and yes, luxury. Here, six pairs to wear right now.

VEJA V10 Leather Sneakers


There’s plenty distinctive about these VEJA sneakers, which seem to be popping up in the most stylish neighborhoods across the globe. Sustainable raw materials give them an eco-friendly edge, but the eye-catching V logo, court-style design and pebbled detailing set them apart. $195

Brandblack Specter X 2.0 Sneakers


Brandblack’s perfectly on-trend training sneakers can certainly be worn for running, but they’ve got a streamlined look and serious comfort. That makes them perfect for summer road trips or city exploration, ideally outfitted in travel essentials like stretch chinos and a merino T-shirt. $240

Courser Uno in Ultimate Grey Mono


Courser sneakers are uncanny in their design and craftsmanship, using soft, supple nubuck leather, heat-weld-covered stitching and a proprietary midsole maximum energy return.

Other technical features include a durable, stabilizing carbon fiber plate, yet what’s even more remarkable is the fact that these kicks are made at a family-owned factory known for making fine dress shoes. Monochromatic color options like sleek grey seal the deal in terms of style points. $595

Thursday Boots Premier Low Top Sneakers

(Thursday Boots)

Yes, you’ve read that correctly: The same brand known for its smart, stylish direct-to-consumer boots is now in the sneaker game, with results that speak for themselves. Results, in fact, that mimic the quality level of richly crafted, luxurious leather sneakers, yet at a wildly affordable price tag. The rich Natural leather will only get better with age. $129

Golden Goose Superstar Distressed Sneakers


Golden Goose sneakers are a celebrity favorite, with a pre-distressed look that gives them a serious edge. They should rest nicely beneath a cuffed pair of light wash jeans this summer, but they’ll also look right at home with a soft flannel shirt and black denim in the months ahead. $565

Beckett Simonon Graham Trainers

(Beckett Simonon)

Retro-style runners are all the rage right now, but Beckett Simonon takes things a step further by crafting this pair from rich, water-repellent pull-up leather, which should develop a handsome patina over time.

And there’s even better news: By cutting out the middleman and selling direct to consumers, Beckett Simonon is able to cut costs (but not quality), and that’s a touch we can appreciate. $169