Swatch Is Relaunching Its Original 1983 Watch Collection

The "bioreloaded" Swiss timepieces are priced at just $70.
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Swatch 1983 Collection (1)

Swatch instantly stood out among luxury Swiss watchmakers like Bulova, Omega and Tag Heuer when it hit the scene in 1983 with an ultra-affordable, damn-near disposable collection of 12 colorful watches made from just 51 parts. That original range is being resurrected in Swatch's retro "bioreloaded" 1983 collection. 

Swatch 1983 Collection (3)

Each features bespoke typography that's in line with brand's latest signage, as well as the incorporation of castor plant seed-sourced materials in their durable plastic construction. All components are said to meet the high "Swiss Made" quality requirements that Swatch places on its products. 

Swatch 1983 Collection (2)

While the movement is still made of silicone and metal, the "paperfoam" packaging consisting of potato and tapioca starch, which is fully biodegradable and suitable for home compost. Six variants are offered total—a red, black, dark blue and gray version with a numbered dial, and a red and bright blue version with empty gold and silver dials. 

Swatch 1983 Collection (4)

Staying true to the inaugural Swatch's accessible price, each piece in the 1983 collection costs just $70 online, which even cheaper than the $105 Swatch Essentials models and far less than its $220 No Time to Die special edition Q Watch