The Latest Zenith Defy Extreme Watch Is A Mirror-Polished Marvel

Shine a light.


While the inner workings of Zenith watches are impressive in their own right (particularly the Zenith Defy Extreme line), it’s the exterior that’s all the more sleek and eye-catching, at least when it comes to the Zenith Defy Extreme Mirror.


Like other impossibly precise Zenith watches, it features a super-exact chronograph (in this instance, a 1/100th of a second chrono), but that’s not quite the most innovative part.

The latest Zenith Defy Extreme is made from mirror-polished stainless steel, giving it a camo-like quality that almost seems to let parts of the watch fade into one another (or shine radiantly).


Zenith took great care to get details large and small correct, resulting in an eye-popping watch that defies convention (pun intended).

Of the timepiece, Zenith said “its distinctive new appearance sets it apart in a sea of watches.”

Zenith added that the watch, boasting a 45mm case diameter and triple-chronograph functionality, is a “monolithic object that reflects all light and colors — yet has no color of its own.”


The angular case houses the company’s famed El Primero movement and boasts a sapphire crystal central element with a translucent-yet-reflective finish.


The partially open dial and the sapphire caseback do a wonderful job at showing off that El Primero movement, billed by Zenith as the “world’s fastest automatic high frequency chronograph calibre in production.”


It’s also available in a variety of strap options for the discerning buyer, with both a black rubber strap and a Velcro strap offered alongside the mirror-polished stainless steel bracelet.

And the price tag? It’s nothing to scoff at given the quality, precision and care inherent in this exacting timepiece: The new Zenith Defy Extreme is available online and in person at Zenith, as well as select authorized global retailers.

Suffice to say, for Zenith, the future certainly is glowing.