The Shoe Surgeon & Glenmorangie Are Giving Away These Ultra-Exclusive Sneakers

Only two pairs are available for Scotch-loving sneakerheads.

Glenmorangie x The Shoe Surgeon

In matters of style, substance and Scotch, patience and craftsmanship are often everything: When the two come together in an unexpected-yet-stylish sneaker collaboration, it’s worth trying your luck to get your hands on a pair.

A reward for taking a risk is the idea behind the new Glenmorangie x The Shoe Surgeon limited-edition sneaker collaboration, which sees masterful custom sneaker wizard Dominic Dominic Ciambrone (AKA “The Shoe Surgeon”) put his own spin on a pair of kicks inspired by the legendary Scotch distiller.


Only 100 pairs of fresh new sneakers are hitting the market, and in fact, 98 of those pairs are reserved for VIPs selected to receive a delivery experience from the Shoe Surgeon’s Mobile Studio.

In fact, those fortunate VIPs received their sneakers in a co-branded, Glenmorangie-stocked bar cart for a touch that blends the “wondrous worlds of whisky and bespoke fashion,” Glenmorangie said.

(Glenmorangie)/The Shoe Surgeon

The other two pairs? Well, those can be scooped up by consumers now through May 20th via a special giveaway portal process.

(Glenmorangie)/Director of Whiskey Creation Dr. Bill Lumsden

“Watching Dominic take inspiration from his trip to our distillery and ultimately translate the essence of this partnership into a physical pair of sneakers has been tremendously exciting,” said Dr. Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie’s Director of Whisky Creation.


The sneakers are designed to highlight the distillery’s “playful elegance and bold use of color,” specifically vivid orange that’s found throughout the sneakers and on Glenmorangie’s revamped packaging.

Notably barley-textured suede and copper detailing that draws inspiration from Glenmorangie’s stills are two visually appealing elements, while the high-top construction itself is eye-catching in its own right.

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There’s even Scottish tartan lining to take Glenmorangie’s heritage a step further, and Ciambrone called the partnership a “rewarding journey.”

“Just as they carefully select the finest ingredients and technologies to create the smoothest and complex of whiskies, we share the same level of excellence and passions to trust the intricacies of each process,” Ciambrone said.

While only a select few have the chance to step into these kicks themselves, it’s a partnership so bold, it’s worth throwing your hat in the ring (until May 20th) to secure your own pair. If not? Well, stock your bar cart with Glenmorangie in the meantime.