These Weird Wrap Shoes Make You Feel Like You’re Barefoot

Everything should be this easy.

Have you ever wanted your feet to look like they were some suped-up version of spring rolls? Neither did we. Until we saw Vibram’s Furoshiki shoe

Yes, just like the wrap of a spring roll, this shoe cradles your foot after being wound around it, using a method called Furoshiki. With nothing but a sole and a few pieces of cloth, it brings minimalism to a whole new level.

Of course the utilitarian aspects of it are pretty important. As a shoe, it’s both lightweight and durable. The sole has enough traction for water sports but the style also folds down for easy carrying. For those of you who like to wear as little as possible, socks are a non-factor for these kicks.

Reports say that the styles are available for about $110 but we haven’t been able to spot them online. It’s a pity really as we’re on the hunt for some new footwear to put in the rotation.