This Waxed Trucker Jacket Is Huckberry’s All-Time Best-Seller For A Reason

Popularized by Pedro Pascal on “The Last of Us”, Huckberry’s waxed trucker continues to be a menswear favorite.


In the halls of rugged menswear classics, some staples have stood the test of time for years: The blue jean, the henley, the lace-up work boot and the trucker jacket certainly come to mind.

So when a company like Huckberry comes along and (nearly) perfects one of those workwear-inspired essentials, it’s worth paying close attention.


The trucker jacket in and of itself boasts truly functional roots, like a button front, a hip-hitting design for mobility behind the wheel, a useful point collar and helpful chest and hip pockets. It’s road-ready and easy enough to make, but harder to perfect.

Perhaps that’s what makes rugged retailer Huckberry‘s take on the trucker jacket so impressive.

It changes in color and fabrication from season to season, but Flint and Tinder (the in-house, reliably cool brand from Huckberry) routinely delivers the wildly popular Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket with impressive (and fast-selling) results.

The Last of Us Trucker Jacket
(Pedro Pascal wearing the Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket/Courtesy of Huckberry)

You very well might recognize the jacket as Pedro Pascal’s jacket from HBO’s The Last of Us, but more than 3,000 reviews speak to its status as Huckberry’s number one all-time product.


Huckberry already has a penchant for delivering a little bit of everything that’s cool enough for both the modern adventurer and city dweller in equal measure, be it a dive-ready watch Zodiac watch collaboration or a limited-edition pair of Huckberry x Blundstone boots.

In short, if it calls to mind cozy bonfires, crisp autumn breezes, a dram of whiskey and the promise of the open road (or a wooded trail lined in blazing fall foliage), the situation almost always calls for this trucker jacket (and a few other staples from Huckberry).


For a company that’s been stocking, selling and designing utterly cool gear and menswear for more than a decade (tested and inspired by its San Francisco and Austin offices), the Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker continues to reign supreme.

Fervor over the silhouette has grown over time, to the point where Huckberry just launched a women’s version of the Flint and Tinder Trucker Jacket. Certain colors and sizes always tend to sell out, including a limited-edition ripstop cotton version that debuted earlier this fall.

The fact that it happens to make for a highly functional USA-made fall jacket (at an agreeably priced $298) isn’t to be overlooked, either.


The key is the use of waxed Martexin sailcloth on the exterior: The first waxed items were worn by sailors centuries ago, with sailcloth bolstered by a (then-homemade) waxed treatment designed to stand up to wind and waves.

That Huckberry works with New Jersey’s Martexin to churn out a hard-wearing jacket made from “the good stuff” speaks to its durability.

Oh, and another thing about this ridiculously durable jacket: It’s lined in warm blanket flannel, and there’s also a spin-off lined in wool for burly warmth to rival even your favorite Filson jacket.

Each iteration comes in rich and seasonally friendly colors: Deep shades of whiskey-inspired tan and brown, dark-as-night blue, black and charcoal versions, and an olive edition that develops a handsome patina over time.


The Flint and Tinder line is no slouch across the rest of the board, either: The success of the waxed trucker jacket has led to a legion of other Huckberry waxed jackets, like the hunting and field-inspired Flint and Tinder Waxed Hudson Jacket, as well as an unlined F&T waxed trucker.


It’s the basics that make the Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket so popular — like stylish colors, tough-as-nails fabric, custom hardware, a wide array of sizes and that warm flannel lining — but there’s something deeper beneath the surface.

This waxed trucker has true character that literally molds to the wearer over time, with the promise of adventure (or perhaps just a cold beer and a dram of whiskey) close at hand.

In an era of corporate logo vests, Huckberry devotees seem to want something more, and the Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket (if its reviews are any indication) consistently delivers.

The open road is calling, and you very well might have found the jacket to take you there.