Timex’s Hottest Watch in Years Gets Elegant Sequel With Q Timex Falcon Eye

Thanks to Todd Snyder, this stylish reboot is back in stock.


Timex went to the archives in mid-2019 and reissued the Q Timex, a handsome dive watch reminiscent of the iconic Rolex Pepsi.That limited-edition timepiece sold out in a flash, again and again, and spawned multiple waiting lists. Now, Timex is capitalizing on the original Q’s wild popularity with the all-new Q Timex Falcon Eye.

The latest member of the Q series is clearly related to the first (re)release design-wise. It has a similar case and the size is the same, 38mm. But the Falcon Eye is unapologetically dressy, meant to be worn with a well-tailored three-piece suit.


Additional specs include an adjustable steel bracelet, 50 meters of water resistance, a battery hatch and luminous paint on its electric-blue face. 


Don’t be shocked if this classy throwback sells out very soon. If you’re lucky enough to make it to Timex’s website in time, you’ll get a supremely affordable yet eye-catching timepiece. 

The Q Timex Falcon Eye sells for $179 at Timex.com, and as of February 2020 is also available via Todd Snyder for the same price