Timex Turns Back Clock With 50th Anniversary Q Timex 1972

The bold 1972-era watch celebrates 50 years of quartz watchmaking, a staple of the lauded American brand.


Watch collectors might not agree on much, but you can be sure they feel you can never have too much of a good thing — that’s especially apt when it comes to the ongoing series of Q Timex reissues, celebrating quartz watchmaking at its finest. And the latest and greatest — the Q Timex 1972 Reissue — is one of the coolest, boldest interpretations yet.

The watch of the launch is timed to celebrate 50 years of the Connecticut watchmaker’s commitment to quartz watches, including the company’s first-ever quartz watch.

Of course, the reissue uses classic 70s hues to drive home that period-specific style inspiration even further. And although there’s lots to love about the bold, dressy and crisply designed watch, the best thing might be the price — it’s just $169.

That’s but a small price to pay for yet another Timex watch that cements the brand as perhaps the best affordable timepiece company on the market today.


Other reissues in the Timex series celebrate sporty watches with stainless steel designs and sleek links (like the 1978 Q Timex Reissue), and Timex has also branched out into increasingly rugged territory with timepeices like the Timex x Madeworn American Documents launch last year.

That particular timepiece was the brand’s most expensive ever, but the Q Timex 1972 brings things back down to a more affordable level.

The Q Timex 1972 also delivers on flash and class in equal measure, thanks to the gold-tone tonneau case with a polished finish, and they’ve also nodded to this distinct era in watchmaking with what they call a “period-perfect domed acrylic crystal.”


A date window and coin-slot battery opening on the caseback add even more distinction to this timepiece. The case diameter is a nicely sized 43mm — larger than typical dress watches but again, another fitting 1970s nod (an era of wide lapels and wide trousers).

The Q Timex Reissue series is an important nod to the brand’s heritage that looks both backwards and forwards at the same time, the company noted.


“Quartz watchmaking proved to be more than just a way forward for us – it fulfilled our promise to deliver accurate, reliable, and affordable wristwatches while staying true to our heritage,” Timex said.

If they continue to deliver on those dual promises of heritage and style (with affordability thrown in for good measure), we’re more than excited to see where the brand goes next.