Timex & MadeWorn Join Forces For Vintage-Inspired American Documents Watch Collab

Old-school cool.


Timex is moving on up in the world with its first upscale watch, and you’ll want to pay close attention. No two watches are the same in the new Timex x MadeWorn American Documents Series, with a two-tone dial calling to mind the divide between day and night.

Timex has been busy as of late, collaborating with Danish brand NN07 and reissuing a 1970s classic. While those two watches are standouts in their own right, it’s the Timex partnership with Los Angeles-based artist Blaine Halvorson’s vintage-revival brand MadeWorn that ups the ante (and elevates your watch collection) even further.


Each piece handcrafted by MadeWorn is entirely American-made, meant to replicate fabrics and construction from decades gone by. The result is a full array of remarkable flannels, T-shirts and much more.

To say that MadeWorn is a treasure trove of incredible finds doesn’t begin to cover it. If you want an iconic AC/DC denim jacket or a Rolling Stones-themed leather jacket, to name but a few, MadeWorn can sort you out.


The throwback-minded approach makes it all the more fitting that the new Timex x MadeWorn launch is hand-assembled in the States with materials and parts sourced domestically. Worry not: The watch features a Swiss movement for a precise finish.

This visually striking timepiece retails for $850, but given that each one is unique, you might say it’s priceless.The stainless steel dial has been uniquely aged, as has the two-tone dial and natural leather strap. It’s going to get better the more you wear it, but you’re already starting with a high bar to clear.


It’s also as distinctive as other MadeWorn items: The caseback is emblazoned with a “MadeWorn” stamp.

It’s hard to find a watch that can hold its own alongside legendary jackets featuring iconic rock stars, but the Timex x MadeWorn American Documents Watch lives up to the challenge quite admirably. One day, it’ll be the sort of watch with plenty of tales to tell.