WATCH: 60 Years of James Bond’s Suits in Under 4 Minutes

Check out the exclusive premiere of Mode’s latest fashion time capsule and go back in time with 007.

One of the most impressive things about James Bond is that he manages to do everything he does — drinking martinis, seducing beautiful women, driving fast cars, and killing villains — all while wearing an impeccably styled suit. But while the main tenets of the franchise remain the same, 007’s fashion has changed over time. Mode Studios, the folks who brought us the visual history of lingerie and 100 years of women in Halloween costumes, are back with a video that’s premiering exclusively on Maxim. Check out how Bond’s look has evolved over the past sixty years in this video starring San Francisco Giants baseball player Hunter Pence as James Bond, along with his girlfriend Alexis Cozombolidis as each Bond Girl. Now we’ve just gotta figure out who does his dry cleaning.