Find Your Favorite Rolex In This Tribute to the World’s Most Lusted-After Luxury Watches

Watch porn galore for all the Rolex lovers out there…

Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date, 2010, Photo © Courtesy of Rolex

In his latest dive into the world of horology, noted watch expert Gisbert L. Brunner focuses singularly on one of the greats—Rolex.

Its name is a byword for sophistication, luxury, history and precision. The Watch Book: Rolex traces how the reputation originated, by running through notable models released and technical advances made since the company’s founding in 1905.

Oyster Chronograph “Jean-Claude Killy” with full calendar, 1952, Photo © Antiquorum, Geneva
Deep Sea Special I, 1960, Photo © Archiv cpb

But the 220-page tomb shares more than mere technical know-how. It also features stunningly detailed images of legendary Rolex models, serving up some major watch porn. Here are but a few examples: 

Oyster Perpetual Datejust, 1951, Photo © Auktionen Dr. Crott /Stefan Muser
Rattrapante chronograph, one of twelve watches produced, 1942, Photo © Christie’s, Geneva

Newer and storied models exist side-by-side.

Oyster Perpetual with full calendar and moon-phase display, 1952, Photo © Phillip’s, Geneva
Oyster Perpetual Bubble Back, 1938, Photo © Phillip’s, Geneva

teNeues Publishing, which is releasing the photo book, promises it is a “a must-have for watch collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone wishing to become one.”

And so you know these are the genuine article, Complex previously released a video that helpfully detailed three ways to spot a fake Rolex, so you don’t get taken like a chump.

But don’t just stop at the new Watch Book. Instagram accounts like @rolexaholics exist solely so users can bask in the glory of pure, unadulterated Rolex. Watch and yearn.

© THE WATCH BOOK ROLEX by Gisbert L. Brunner, published by teNeues, $ 75,

The Watch Book: Rolex will be available in July for just $75.