Why Fake Rolex Watches Are So Accurate

Counterfeit Rollies are catching up to the real thing.

Video Still

Rolex watches are always in pretty high demand. The market for these iconic luxury timepieces is steady and that means counterfeiters have plenty of reason to keep turning out fakes. We’ve noted before that they are good at it and you have to look closely to determine whether you’ve got the real deal on your wrist.

One of the ways counterfeit watchmakers have ensured they’ll snag a bit of the market from the true original is by creating “superclones” that keep time and date with nearly the same accuracy. How do they manage such a feat?

In the Watchfinder & Co. video above, you’ll learn that faux Rollie accuracy has everything to do with fast prototyping, which allows the fakers to turn out extremely good impostors just by using computer modeling. 

Rapid prototyping isn’t just about computer design, either—the kind of finely-calibrated machines needed to build these watches is much more affordable, less expensive, and simply does a more accurate job than it once did.


It seems like all the real Rolexes have over the pretenders to their throne is the brand’s characteristic hand-polished detailing. But as methods for design and construction improve, so will practices that enhance the fakes’ overall outward quality. 


Learn more here and by watching Watchfinder’s fascinating video above.