Why This Rolex Sky-Dweller Might Be the Best Watch Investment Right Now

If you’ve ever wanted to snag a truly great timepiece before it becomes invaluable, the time is now.

Rolexes won’t decline in value any time soon. Or, well, ever. They will likely only grow more and more valuable. The word “bargain” doesn’t even enter the picture. 

But in the video above, Watchfinder & Co. notes that there is hope for anyone looking for a Rolex that hasn’t really popped in watch-collecting circles yet. The Rolex Sky-Dweller 326933 looks like a killer investment sure to eventually accrue serious value. 

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The Rolex Sky-Dweller was first released in 2012 and it was a milestone: the luxury watchmaker’s first new model in two decades. On top of that, it was also a technical marvel, with an annual calendar complication that automatically compensates for the lengths of the 12 months in each year. 

It made a splash at first based on the engineering that went into its functions alone, but it was gold and for anyone seeking a new watch to hang onto as an investment piece it was just too costly—a similar Patek Philippe pulled in more interest. 

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The Sky-Dweller was, in a sense, just too fine a timepiece for its own good, so interest faded. When a Patek Philippe looks like the more affordable option in new watches ripe for investment-based collecting, you know there’s a problem. 

Rolex—uncharacteristically—decided five years after the Sky-Dweller’s release to take another run at the market, this time with a steel model. That did the trick. With a lower price point, the steel Sky-Dweller took off. 

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Only, according to Watchfinder & Co., in doing this it left the bi-metal (steel and gold) version, model no. 326933, in the shadows. 

That’s why Watchfinder experts think the 326933 is absolutely the watch to focus on for anyone seeking an investor’s sweet spot. 

The Sky-Dweller is still for sale directly from Rolex and it retails new for $17,150

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You can pick up a pre-owned model at sites like Chrono24 for as little as $15,400

As far as appreciation potential? Well, it’s a given that as a Rolex it will gain value. TimeRating.com shows in a chart how ten models have steadily climbed in value since 1994. 

Looks like the Sky-Dweller is a safe bet, regardless.