Genius Messenger Bag Holds Laptop AND 2 Bottles of Wine in ‘Party Pouch’

“You can go from business meeting to happy hour in a few seconds.”

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At first glance this messenger bag looks like nearly every other one you see across countless shoulders on Madison Avenue. However, this puppy has a secret–nestled next to the obligatory MacBook is a secret reservoir capable of holding 1.5 liters or liquid courage–i.e. two full bottles of wine–dispensed via a discreet pressure-activated spout hidden under a flap.


Available in either either camel or slate grey colored vegan “leather”, and priced at $89.95, the crossbody bag’s secret pouch is insulated in case you want your on-board beverages hot or cold, and also keeps your laptop and important papers well protected from any moisture. 

And the ergonomically designed padded shoulder strap means you won’t be weighed down by your hidden boozy cargo. 


The company originally introduced this clever concept as a purse for women who wanted to take a bottle of their favorite rosé along without attracting undue attention. 

They were soon bombarded by requests from men however and decided to create a version for them. In addition to the messenger bag they also offer a backpack with the same secret capabilities. 

The idea is gloriously simple: “You can go from business meeting to happy hour in a few seconds,” designer Marisa China tells us.


Of course you could use the bag sans the secret reservoir as it’s easily removable. And of course you could also top it up with something non-alcoholic if you like. But hey, if you want to fill the damn thing with straight whiskey we certainly won’t stop you – just please stop by our desk on your way home.